Location: UK nearshore
Duration: 2 months


January – February 2017. RMS provided full turnkey survey support to its client (consultancy, project management, technical support, resourcing, personnel & delivery) for a lucrative harbour extension project requiring a full nearshore UXO survey (with MBES) and Obs ROV target inspection.

Case Study 3: Extensive consultancy, Asset resourcing, mobilisation management, and personnel supply for marine cable route surveys (hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical, Obs ROV & UXO)

Location: Baltic, German sector (nearshore, offshore & onshore)
Duration: 12 months 


December 2015 – November 2016, RMS are supporting this client on a renewables survey project, with ongoing consultancy, technical support, key asset sourcing and offshore personnel supply.


Case Study 4: Provision of project team support & client representatives

Location: Southern North Sea, UK & Belgium
Duration: ongoing since March 2016 (12 months to date)


March 2016 – Present, RMS have been supporting our client for a large 140km HVDC interconnector with project surveyor, offshore client representatives in both survey and geotechnical disciplines and project engineer.

Additionally RMS have during 2017 to date been providing client representatives for ROV UXO operations and Project Surveyor throughout.

Case Study 5: Provision of full survey technical consultancy, project management, resourcing & survey team.

Location: UK nearshore

Duration: ongoing since July 2014


July 2014 – Present, RMS have been providing full survey support services (consultancy, project management, resourcing, personnel and technical support) to our client. To date this has comprised in supporting a total of seven projects for nearshore surveys – MBES, geophysical, UXO and geotechnical.


Case Study 9: Provision of consultancy, resourcing and personnel supply for marine cable route surveys (hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical, ROV & UXO)

Location: Baltic, German sector (nearshore, offshore & onshore)
Duration: 6 months


June – November 2015, RMS supported its survey client during an extensive marine survey project providing various services and solutions for the nearshore, offshore and office based scope of work – consultancy (incl. technical solutions during tendering phase), ongoing technical support as required, stand in project management, various equipment & key asset resourcing including onshore office support and facilities.


Case Study 10: Provision of Survey, Diving & Cable Representatives for OFTO Transmission cable asset O&M operations

Location: UK West coast & UK SE coast nearshore
Duration: 5 months


April – June and October – November 2015, RMS provided its OFTO transmission asset client, survey, diving, cable & burial experienced representatives during the projects relating to export transmission cable repairs, first campaign was performed in very shallow water for a cable repair, second scope involved two distinct offshore campaigns utilising diver & ROV ops for mattress removal / wet storage, cable inspection & repair operations. Final activity was overseeing the re-instatement of the cable protection products and final ROV as-built surveys.