Case Study 11: Provision of personnel for cable lay/ jointing operations

Location: Saudi Arabia offshore and Qatar offshore
Duration: 3 months


December 2014 – February 2015, RMS provided its client full back to back Offshore Constructions Manager’s (OCM) during a major umbilical/cable lay project offshore Saudi, whilst in parallel supported a separate campaign consisting of 1 x OCM and an 8 man (24hr) deck crew supporting the cable manufacturers jointing operations offshore Qatar. The latter jointing support team consisting of Lead Rigger/Foreman and 3 Riggers per 12hr shift.

Case Study 12: Project Managers for power cable marine coordination

Location: Doha, Qatar
Duration: 16 months


July 2014 – October 2015, RMS provided back to back Project Managers, compiling all operating procedures and marine coordination requirements for its client during the offshore submarine power cable installations. This was in reference to guard vessel and personal transfer vessel activities during the offshore cable installation and ancillary cable operations – subsequently overseeing marine coordinator(s), QC of work, liaise with intermediate client and ultimate end client, attend meetings, dealing with issues and delegation of duties as required.

Case Study 16: Provision of software training.

Location: Naples, Italy
Duration: 2 weeks


February 2014, RMS actively encourages training incentives for all our key personnel ensuring that our personnel and contractors continue their professional development. As a result RMS supported and sponsored a 2 week (back to back) Eiva Navisuite training course.


Case Study 17: Provision of cable lay, burial and post survey client representatives for OWF installation

Location: German sector, Southern North Sea
Duration: 14 months


June – November 2013 and March – October 2014, RMS in collaboration with eos projekt supply, provided multiple client reps throughout the period for offshore survey procedure review, survey, cable lay, trenching/ burial and as-built surveys on the inter array cables installed at Dan Tysk OWF in the German sector.

Case Study 18: Provision of project management and cable team for carousel build, load out and testing for a long term cable storage requirement

Location – UK east coast port
Duration: 4 months


January – April 2014, RMS provided project management, carousel build-up, fabrication & commissioning, cable load out and carousel testing teams.


This involved assembling a 2000t carousel which arrived in 2 parts from a freight vessel requiring heavy lift to the permanent storage location on the quayside. Scope included carousel build, fabrication and full commissioning prior to the load out. A separate team then conducted the cable load out of 2 x HVAC export cables (spare) from the cable lay vessel for long term storage. An additional team were mobilised at a later stage for the carousel testing.


Case Study 19: Provision of cable pull in (topside) support for export, FO and in field cable requirements

Location: German sector, Southern North Sea
Duration: 12 months


July 2013 – June 2014, RMS provided full cable pull in team support to our client for the various connector platforms in support of its clients cable installation vessel.


Namely Dan Tysk, Helwin1, GT1 and Meerwind connector platform cable pull in and jointing support requirements and Butendiek and Sylwin 1 onshore mock up and trials.


Case Study 20: Provision of Party Chief, Geophysicists and full consultancy geophysical data processing support for an OWF zone survey

Location: UK sector, Southern North Sea
Duration: 4 months


July – August 2013, RMS provided its survey client with a Geophysicist Party Chief and the main Geophysicists who were incorporated into its own survey team to compliment survey data acquisition during the offshore renewables survey operations, additional post survey consultancy support for geophysical data processing, interpretation and SEGY processing.