Case Study 8: Provision of consultancy and client representatives for an OWF installation

Location: UK SE coast (nearshore)
Duration: 10 months


January – October 2015, RMS in collaboration with eos projekt GmbH provided consultancy & client representative support to their client for an offshore wind farm installation extension.

RMS/eos were contracted to provide multiple services, inclusive of but not limited to, full project documentation review, onshore mock-ups, cable factory witness/inspection/ reporting, inshore survey client representation, HIRA & meeting attendance, cable load out & vessel inspection client reps, offshore client reps during cable installation, Vertical Injection burial & subsea protection measures, offshore termination & testing client rep teams combined with all associated logistical and welfare support. As a result of a successful offshore project, the clients operations team were able to handover the project to their Operations & Maintenance (O&M) department in early December 2015, ahead of schedule.

Our clients Cables Installation Manager said “We valued the combined efforts of the RMS/eos project representatives and their supporting office staff. Both companies worked with our Project Team and our cable installation contractor. The team worked very well throughout the planning and execution of the project which resulted in a successful, high quality installation.”

A spokesperson for the RMS/eos projekt joint team, said “We are extremely pleased that our initiative of combining resources demonstrated that collaborative associations have their place in today’s challenging market. This is the third such project undertaken by the RMS and eos projekt initiative to date”.”