Case Study 18: Provision of project management and cable team for carousel build, load out and testing for a long term cable storage requirement

Location – UK east coast port
Duration: 4 months


January – April 2014, RMS provided project management, carousel build-up, fabrication & commissioning, cable load out and carousel testing teams.


This involved assembling a 2000t carousel which arrived in 2 parts from a freight vessel requiring heavy lift to the permanent storage location on the quayside. Scope included carousel build, fabrication and full commissioning prior to the load out. A separate team then conducted the cable load out of 2 x HVAC export cables (spare) from the cable lay vessel for long term storage. An additional team were mobilised at a later stage for the carousel testing.


The Project Manager and Project Engineer were provided as part of the preparatory team at the clients office providing expertise for procedures, QHSE, task plans, end client meetings & liaison and thereafter to oversee operations.


The 7 man team utilised during the build phase consisted of: Foreman, 2 x carousel operators, 3 x rigger/welders, rigger


The 9 man team utilised during the export cable load out (24hr Ops) consisted of: Foreman, 2 x lead riggers, 6 x riggers


The carousel testing team supplied thereafter for the full electrical testing of the system: 2 x carousel operators/ technicians