Operations Resourcing – Oil & Gas and Renewables


Vessels  (DP, barges, multicats, CTV, GV’s etc)

ROV’s (Obs ROV, Inspection ROV, WROV etc)

Diving  Systems & Equipment (air & sat)

Subsea protection measures (mattressing, grout/ sand/ rock bagging, geotextile bagging, rock dumping etc)

Operations Resourcing – Renewables

Subsea Vehicles (Crawlers, Trenchers, Ploughs etc)

Cable Ancillary Services Equipment (Grapnels, Winches, Saddlebacks, ILRM, rigging, MIF’s etc)

Cable Handling Equipment (tensioners, drums, carousels, turntables, generators, chutes, trackway, rigging, shore end equipment etc)

Termination & Testing

Operations Resourcing – Marine Survey & Subsea Inspection

Subsea Inspection  – ROV intervention (CP, FMD/FMI etc)

Survey  (positioning & support, construction, hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical, environmental, biological/ benthic etc.)

Software (survey acquisition, DV, data processing, CAD & charting, route engineering, GIS, data integrity monitoring etc.)

Training (survey, inspection, ROV, QHSE etc.)

O&M and IRM Resourcing

Cable Storage (Reels, Drums, Locations, Security, Access etc)

O&M Software (VTMS , Personnel tracking & QHSE, AIS etc)

Data Integrity Monitoring solutions (Annual subsea asset integrity software with conclusions)

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (subsea inspection tooling & equipment, emergency response plans, cable equipment, vessels etc)