Scubacraft appoint RMS Submarine as Marine Consultants


Scubacraft have recently appointed RMS Submarine as their preferred marine consultants to assist them in taking their innovative marine submersible vehicle solution to market.

Scubacraft is a new generation of watercraft that combines high-performance on the water surface with the ability to submerge underwater and features patented technology that allows it to transform from surface craft into streamlined submersible.

The registered design is the result of world class development and Scubacraft is designed like no other watercraft; the streamlined shape and hydrodynamic features are essential to operate both above and below the water surface.

Scubacraft uses a high powered jet propulsion system combined with a trimaran hull configuration gives inherent stability as a diving platform and with its air entrapment design, results in high speeds on a cushion of air.

With a multitude of applications our lightweight technology is designed to be efficient, robust and very reliable. With no exposed propeller and the ability to operate in very shallow water, the technology has advantages over conventional surface craft even before it submerges underwater.

RMS believe that the vehicle has significant and innovative potential for our sector, where a marine all in one vehicle solution for both shallow water surface and subsea operations which does not currently exist.

RMS have an agreement to fully support Scubacraft with full survey & subsea consultancy and market sector/ client introductions to further the above initiative. Via RMS‘s own marine R&D focuses they will look to add further value to the proposed solution. Importantly within the marine sector, RMS‘s strong QHSE knowledge base will contribute significantly to ensure the vehicle is entirely fit for purpose within the harsh marine environment the system would be operating within.

RMS provide focused resource solutions to the offshore renewables sector as well as marine survey, telecoms and O&G sectors.

Renewables client support is primarily for the submarine cables installed within each offshore wind park (array and in-field cables) and the associated seabed/ topographic changing conditions. The requirement also extends to marine surveys support of the base of the turbine structures/ foundations for subsea scour and inspection campaigns on the structures subsea themselves. The need for Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services (surveys & subsea inspections) on these existing assets is required for their entire 25 year shelf life. Equally, the subsea export cables which service the wind farms, which become part of the UK‘s transmission network and OFTO requirements, also require annual O&M.

There remains a void in this regard for an innovative turnkey shallow water marine solution to offer to the sector for surface and subsea requirements.

RMS believe the Scubacraft concept also has much value for other shallow water environments and sectors we support like river, port & harbour surveys, marine civil works, beach defence & replenishment, UK Hydrographic commercial surveys, marine ecology, to name a few.

RMS have invited Scubacraft to attend and present at there evening networking event during the Oceanology International 2016 show o/b the Sunborn London Superyacht Hotel (moored alongside Excel) for our clients, suppliers and professionals. This will be Scubacrafts’s first exposure to this market.

According to Robin Harris, CEO Scubacraft “We are delighted to have formed a relationship with RMS Submarine. When we were looking at potential companies to assist us with developing the craft to meet the unique challenges that surface and subsea operations present, it became evident that RMS Submarine were the subject matter experts that we needed to engage.”

RMS Submarine are a marine resource solutions UK based company providing consultancy, project management, R&D, personnel & equipment/ key asset resourcing solutions (often combined & with in-house technical support) to our clients in the survey, offshore renewables, submarine telecoms and O&G sectors.
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