Personnel Supply

  1. Impressive database of 750+ operatives
  2. All personnel are known personally to us having worked with or for us during RMS senior management previous employ, forming mutually trusted relationships
  3. RMS personnel supply is about high quality and competence of service with continuous operational and technical back office support, flexibility in approach and customer satisfaction ensuring repeat business
  4. RMS specialise in high quality, hand selected and trusted personnel – we are not a volume supply driven company
  5. Personnel available range from client reps, project managers, equipment technicians and geophysicists to surveyors, riggers, crane ops, ROV supervisors and inspection coordinators
  6. RMS provide personnel services for the global offshore cable, O&M, hydrographic, survey support, marine geosciences, ROV, IRM, construction support and subsea inspection markets

Project Management

RMS offer clients/ customers the ability to out source their project management team requirements with highly competent and experienced team provision.

This can be supplied client based or in RMS’ offices. The lateral thinking/ think tank approach is actively encouraged by RMS so that all teams challenge a projects conception, realisation, successful operation and final delivery.

Project managers, project surveyors, project engineers, QHSE advisors, project coordinators, personnel coordinators, document controllers, project accountants and project administrators can all be provided as a competent and integrated project team to either the clients or RMS procedures and process.

Consultancy Services


RMS offer the client/ customer high quality, secure and confidential consultancy services ranging from the below – either within a client’s office, independently within our own offices or via remote services within our  trusted & competent personnel network:

  • Survey FEED studies – EIA, DTS, Burial Assessments, BPI, Feasibility studies
  • Survey data sense checks
  • Route design & engineering services
  • Data processing & CAD services
  • Geophysical processing & interpretation
  • Procedure and process coordinating, writing and delivery
  • Survey & Inspection specification (RFQ/ Tender) writing & compiling
  • Reporting critiques
  • GIS services
  • Annual Subsea Data Integrity Monitoring services (Subsea Inspection)
  • Data management services
  • Quality Control and Assurance (QC/ QA) services
  • Business planning & strategy services
  • Market study & research services
  • Software solutions & sounding board

Operations Resourcing
– Renewables / O&G

  1. Vessels (Survey, DP, barges, multicats, CTV, GV’s etc)
  2. ROV’s & Subsea Vehicles (Obs ROV, Inspection ROV, WROV, Crawlers, Trenchers, Ploughs etc)
  3. Cable Ancillary Services Equipment (Grapnels, Winches, Saddlebacks, ILRM, rigging, MIF’s etc)
  4. Cable Handling Equipment (tensioners, drums, carousels, turntables, generators, chutes, trackway, rigging, shore end equipment etc)
  5. Diving  Systems & Equipment (air & sat)
  6. Termination & Testing

Operations Resourcing
– Survey & Inspection

  1. Subsea Inspection  – ROV intervention (CP, FMD/FMI etc)
  2. Survey  (positioning & support, construction, hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical, environmental, biological/ benthic etc.)
  3. Software (survey acquisition, DV, data processing, CAD & charting, route engineering, GIS, data integrity monitoring etc.)
  4. Training (survey, inspection, ROV, QHSE etc.)

O&M and IRM Resourcing

  1. Cable Storage (Reels, Drums, Locations, Security, Access etc)
  2. O&M Software (VTMS , Personnel tracking & QHSE, AIS etc)
  3. Data Integrity Monitoring solutions (Annual subsea asset integrity software with conclusions)
  4. Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (subsea inspection tooling & equipment, emergency response plans, cable equipment, vessels etc)

Lateral Think Tank

RMS provide invaluable lateral thinking, think tank and a sounding board for new ideas, concepts and thought processes

Approaching solutions differently or with assessment of different solutions is key to progress, efficiency and a more flexible solution outlook



RMS are innovators for shallow water solutions where the intertidal zone, environmental and water depth challenges are at their greatest

ATROV, Scour prevention and shallow water subsea positioning to name a few……