Tighter Purse Strings

RMS Submarine, a marine resource solutions company, has achieved continued growth despite changes brought on by market forces which has seen our business sectors move to a more project budget procurement route than previous years, when budgets were less constrained and enjoyed more flexible purse strings.


RMS evolution is directly apportioned to its business strategy and model which was built upon satisfying the growing industry need for resource management services and solutions in a variety of offshore operational sectors and due to the changing dynamics and focus of company resourcing for projects. The need to reduce overheads and look for a more flexible and think tank approach allows RMS to step in and provide the solutions.

Whilst foreseeing a downturn, not necessarily the depth or duration of the current and on-going offshore sector O&G depression in particular, it was clearly evident a downturn would see an overburdening of in-house staffing levels, together with the new challenges to the historical procurement routes. As such, the whole resourcing model the company offers has been geared around this fact.

RMS are increasingly seeing clients buying into this ethos through either necessity or adapting their strategic focus to meet the challenges of the offshore sector during its current downturn.

RMS provide resource solutions via our extensive and collective contact base from numerous years in the offshore marine sector and from all sides of the contracting fence. As a result of contracting, commercial, operational, servicing and client fulfilled roles during this time, we have the ability to provide a dynamic solutions approach and provision, taking account of all aspects and viewpoints.

If you are looking to challenge your own company procurement and historical routes with a more flexible, value added and think tank approach, then RMS are available to provide those solution options.

RMS Submarine are a marine resource solutions company based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. RMS provide consultancy, project management, R&D, personnel & equipment/ key asset resourcing solutions (often combined & with in-house technical support) to our clients in the survey, offshore renewables, subsea telecoms and O&G sectors.

For more information on RMS’s marine resource solutions please contact info@rmssubmarine.com or call +44 (0)1284 330470.